Welcome to the Vision Development Center of Mullica Hill

Welcome to the Vision Development Center of Mullica Hill

Welcome to the Vision Development Center of Mullica HillWelcome to the Vision Development Center of Mullica HillWelcome to the Vision Development Center of Mullica Hill

Where reaching your learning potential is closer than you can imagin

Signs of Visual Problems


Signs of Visual Problems:

  • A large discrepancy between academic potential and academic perofmance.   
  • Reading below grade or age level.
  • Poor reading comprehension.
  • Losing one's place or skipping lines. 
  • Needing to use a finger to keep place.


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about Vision Therapy Services

Computerized Visual Therapy

Problems Vision Therapy Addresses

  • Reading and Comprehension Problems
  • Learning Difficulties/ Reduced Achievement
  • Math, Spelling and Writing problems
  • Headaches, Eyestrain, Motion-Sickness
  • Amblyopia,Strabismus, Convergence Insufficiency
  • Tracking Problems, loss of place and skipping lines when reading
  • Reversals of letters and numbers
  • Impact on Vision from Concussion, Dyslexia, Autism, Developmental and Processing disorders

How Vision Therapy Works

Vision is an Eye-Brain connection that develops.  Recent Neuroscience  research has discovered that 80% of the  Brain is integrated with Vision and that due to a concept called Neuroplasticity the Brain can be re-wired and re-programmed like a computer to both create and strengthen new neural pathways or networks to improve or eliminate the faulty functioning of poorly developed visual skills including Tracking (Pursuits and Saccades), Focusing (Accommodation), 3-D Vision (Binocular Vision which is the ability to aim and move both eyes together in perfect alignment , Eye-Hand Coordination (Visual-Motor Integration which is the ability for the eyes and the body to work well together; this has an impact on writing, posture, sports and clumsiness.)

Vision Therapy Newsworthy Articles

Convergence Insufficiency is a common cause of decreased reading performance, headaches and eye-strain.  A previous national study found an extremely hogh cure-rate with Vision Therapy.  Please be sure to check our website for a link to the latest Eye Institute study looking at the effect of  Convergence Insufficiency on reading and Attention!

Vision Therapy Resources

Good information about the impact of  poor visual skills may be found on the following websites:

Reading and Vision: https://www.aoa.org/patients-and-public/resources-for-teachers/a-look-at-reading-and-vision

The Scientific Basis for the effectiveness of Vision Therapy:


What is different about s Developmental Vision Exam?

 Vision is an ACTION process!  The typical eye examination evaluates visual acuity (20/20, 20/40 etc), whether or not glasses or contact lenses are needed to sharpen your visual acuity and your eye health.  These are important components of vision, however, vision is a much more complex process than mere 20/20 can explain (follow these links to News video documentaries and Success Stories regarding "Vision is much more than 20/20."  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gj4R3NJ1wx ,  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hugQkdKX5Rs  http://www.visiontherapystories.org/2020_eyesight_vision.html).  Many individuals with 20/20 vision have trouble with reading comprehension and attention when they read.  The print blurs, moves, doubles or lines are skipped and re-read.  Reading for content is a lot of work and maybe not a favorite past-time!

Basic eye tests are important for everyone but if you or your child suffer from Visually-Related Learning Problems (Please click on this link to a Scoreable Checklist Symptoms. http://www.children-special-needs.org/parenting/eyesight_eye_care.html ), a routine eye exam will not detect many other types of visual disorders that affect reading, attention, and learning. Up to 75% of vision problems including most eye teaming (binocular vision), focusing, tracking and visual processing (Vision Perception) problems will be missed.   A Developmental Vision exam is a much more lengthy process needed to fully evaluate the Neuro-Visual connection (eye-brain).  When a child or adult  is having reading, attention or post concussion problems, it is crucial that these other visual skills are fully tested. While only a small percentage of eye doctors offer vision therapy, most eye doctors are trained to test for and diagnose functional vision problems. If they don’t offer treatment, they should then refer children with these issues to doctors who do offer vision therapy.

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